Saturday, February 19, 2011

- Symmetry

We have been learning about symmetry and observing and determining where the line of symmetry is in shapes and designs we have in our classroom. For this lesson students use:
* small mirror
* pattern blocks
* construction paper
* document camera

First, students fold their paper in half ( hamburger fold) and crease
Second, students place a pattern block on one side of the fold
Third, students hold their mirror upright where the bottom of the mirror and the crease of the paper are touching
Fourth, students observe what they see in the mirror and describe to the class

* Vocabulary Terms
* Symmetry
* Line of Symmetry
* Half
* Equal

Students use between 2 and 50 pattern blocks and create a design on one side of the paper. After they have finished they have to create the exact design on the other side of the paper to where the crease will become the line of symmetry of their completed design.

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