Monday, January 2, 2012

Classroom Snacks- Nom Nom Nom

If your class has a daily snack how do you assign it? This is the first year I have taught Kindergarten and in Kindergarten at our school we have a daily snack. Our kids are assigned one day a month to bring a snack to share with the class. I go in alphabetic order and insert any birthday children on their birthday to bring snack. It can be a birthday treat or a regular snack, whichever they choose. I post a schedule on our class website and email it to the parents. I also send home a copy in the student's OWL notebooks. I would love to hear how you manage daily snacks in your class!


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  2. I do snack the same way in my kindergarten class and I like the way it works out. The kiddos are so excited when it is their turn! The first grade teachers at my school request that each student bring in a bag or box of snack then they alternate those each day until it is gone and then parents send in another bag or box. One teacher even puts the "leftovers" (when there is not enough left for the whole class) in a large container and when it is full it is MIX day!