Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Classroom

Hello Everyone,
I finished painting my new classroom tonight, FINALLY! Now painting a classroom is nothing new, I always paint something over the summer in my room but this time I moved to a new school so obviously that means a new classroom AND a new grade!!! Lots of changes this summer but all very exciting. In my last classroom I painted all but one wall PARAKEET which is an awesome green color and I used black and white accents. It was fabulous and I LOVED it. So fast forward to my new room and a light pastel green wall and 3 lot of white walls. ----I usually teach first grade and now I am in Kindergarten, who couldn't LOVE Kindergarten?!? I think it will be absolutely amazing and fun!! --- Back to the painting- I knew I HAD to paint in there, it wasn't bad but it was not really my type of classroom. I had to make it more FUNKY! MISSION almost ACCOMPLISHED!!! Check out the pics below and let me know what you think. THANKS!!!!

BEFORE- notice the light green border

Starting the black

Almost finsished with the black wall :)

I added a tree - not sure I love it. Notice the change in the greens. I love this green, it might not be for everyone but I think it is AWESOME.

Close up of nest and a little bird

I still have a TON of work to do but I am starting to love it!!!!


  1. Looks great! Our district picked four colors that we can paint in our of which is salmon...yuck... luckily I had a pretty blue wall before the rule was installed!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  2. Of course I love it! I love color! And I love the Kindergarten teachers at our school! :)

  3. I was very excited that Dawn painted my new room entirely purple. :) I'm going to do purple with black accents this year. I have a really cute idea for one of my bookshelves, if I get the ambition to paint it black.

  4. WOW Angel! You are lucky they did all the work for you! I did all the painting by myself and it took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Katie and Betsey :)

  5. I think that looks amazing! Did you free hand that tree and nest? We aren't allowed to paint our rooms, I didn't know that there were schools that you could! :-)

  6. Hi Kim,
    I did free hand all of it :) I am thankful we are able to paint, I know not all schools can. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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