Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flip Flops are HERE from TEXAS!

Check out these goodies!!! I am spoiled but you may have already known that. Thank you so much Christie!! I got not one but TWO pairs of flip flops ( I LOVE SPARKLES ) salsa, and a Maverick's flag...; ) I hope you get your things soon!!!!!

oh and another photo all in good fun...


  1. Glad you like your flip flops! I LOVE everything you sent and can't wait to post about it. The Thunder definitely gave us a run for our money, and everyone here is just so overjoyed that the Mavs actually won this year (it's about time!).

  2. I just posted about our flip-flops (was waiting for Cella's flip flops to arrive). Thanks so much for such a fantastic package!

  3. What a great package! Lovin' the flips and I love that salsa!

    I'm an Oklahoma girl too. Where about do you live?

  4. Adorable flip flops! Isn't Christie the best??

    Thanks for joining the swap this year!